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Welcome to the site of Federal Public Enterprise Chapaevsk Mechanical Plant
On behalf of our enterprise we are glad to greet you and suggest our products. Our plant has a rich history. For a long time the main purpose of our plant has been the manufacture of defence product. During World War II 1941-1945 each second ammunition contained our plant items. FPE Chapaevsk Mechanical Plant has a seventy-year old history in manufacturing of industrial explosives. The enterprise’s work is ensured by favourable conditions which include the great technical potential, modern technical facilities, highly-qualified personnel and sophisticated management system. The range of our products includes detonating caps, pyrotechnic relays, detonating cords, shaped charges, hermetic cartridges and emulsion explosives in a cartridge. The product’s quality is under strict control at all production stages. Every two hundred charge is shot by API RP-43 methods.

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Entrance of the the building of plant management
Entrance of the the building of plant management


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The film represents the activity and the products of the plant.

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